My name is Elisabeth Steger, Freelance Illustrator & Storyboard Artist.

I work with global brands like Puma, Red Bull & Porsche on behalve of Agentur Loop. 

I belive that people don’t remember what you tell them, but how you make them feel


Concept & Storytelling
Conveying a Message through clear ideas that connect with the user & consumer.

Brand Illustration 
Generating a unique visual style which represents the core values of the brand. 

Turning a concept from paper into a visual presentation.

Children's illustration
Creating emotional stories with strong characters in exciting worlds. The key is to illustrate interpersonal relationships & make the audience wanna be part of the story.

Magazin & Social Media Illustration 
Creating intellectual & brand relevant statements which advertise, inform and entertain.

Since I was a little child, I was obsessed with drawing & storytelling. In order to get me to sleep, my mum would take away my paper and pencils at bedtime. Little did she knew, I was hiding an emergency set under my bed. 

To me it was clear at a young age, that illustrations are a big part of my life. After graduating Master of Art at the University in Salzburg, I attended several intense summer classes at the Concept Design Academy in Los Angeles. There I learned the techniques used by some of the best in the Business. 

In recent years I worked together with successful global brands for a digital agency in Salzburg. Honing my skills as an Illustrator and learning the commercial aspect of the job.